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Using memories, dreams, and fantasy, I work spontaneously and intuitively. I visually respond to these experiences in a variety of ways, ranging from literal to abstract. I am consistently attracted to drawing grotesque and monstrous beings. These chimera are constructed of abject components and held together precariously through outside supports. There is an overall preoccupation with the body and its vulnerable, clumsy, physical reality.

The paintings and drawings are done on sheets of paper using graphite, gouache and oil. The work being fragile and intimate correlates to the ephemeral and immediate nature of memory and feeling. They are hung on the wall in composed groups, some in grids, others in more free form arrangements. The wall arrangements are constructed through a process of viscerally inspired assemblage. Through this process I create a fractured kaleidoscopic vision of self-reflection. The work exists as cathartic eruptions that litter the wall.